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Transition Information

Pupils are supported to transition into the school through a range of strategies adapted to suit their specific individual needs. This could consist of:

  • a programme of visits
  • a phased introduction
  • introduction through a single subject or courses
  • an introduction through the mother and toddler group
  • accessing therapy within the school
  • Our aim is to help the school building and staff to become a more familiar part of everyday life and provide the pupil and parents with a seamless and happy transition into Willowbridge.

Formal qualifications offered at Willowbridge

Where appropriate pupils will be enrolled in the following qualifications;

KS 4 (Year 11 and 12)

CCEA Entry Level: English, Maths, HE, Occupational Studies, Art & Design,
CCEA Occupational Studies Horticulture (4M)


POST 16 (Year 13, 14 and 15)

NOCN Diploma In Independent Living EL1 & EL3

CCEA - Entry Level PE

OCN Essential skills Literacy E1-Level 1

OCN Essential skills Numeracy E1-Level 1

CCEA Extended Occupational Studies ICT

CCEA Extended Occupational Studies Drama



Transition out of the school is a very gradual process, starting in the academic year in which the child is 14 year olds. This is achieved with support from agencies, as well as working closely with working closely with:

  • medical professionals
  • the "Transition Officers" from the "Education Authority”
  • the "Western Health and Social Care Trust"
  • the "Careers Service"
  • school staff

We offer a phased introduction to employment through some of our school programmes and transition  visits to possible suitable colleges and courses.

As part of “The Fermanagh Learning Community” and we have a steady flow of pupils into the school from other mainstream schools to access our courses. Pupils at Willowbridge also have the opportunity access other suitable courses in mainstream schools and colleges. We pride ourselves on our individual programmes and will always encourage pupils to extend and enhance their learning and progression in any areas they have special skill or interest in, through suitable opportunities in the Area Learning Community.

Transition out of the school must be completed by the academic year in which the pupil is 19 although this can happen at the end of Year 12 for pupils who which to progress on to training or employment at this point.

There are a range of meetings arranged with the pupil, parents and all relevant professionals involved. These are usually followed by visits from parents and pupils to evaluate possible placements. Support is provided both within school and at home by Mencap or Cedar and the Transition Officers during this phase. There will be a “Final Leavers Meeting” to confirm the placements at the end of the school year. The monitoring arrangements will then be put in place, to ensure that the placement is working out during the initial phases of the next year and support will continue to be provided if required.

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