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Junior Room 6 -

Welcome to Junior 6! 

Our pupils in Junior 6 participate in a wide variety of learning experiences both indoors and outdoors, within a caring environment. Our Class Team collaborates very effectively, to plan and to provide a broad and balanced enriching curriculum, tailored to each of our pupil’s learning needs and additional needs. Everyday pupils in our class actively engage in literacy and numeracy tasks and activities, combining a variety of teaching strategies to match the learning styles of each pupil, in order to support each child in reaching their full potential. Our pupils participate in a plethora of other learning areas and fun activities which include PDMU, World Around Us, ICT, cookery, swimming, P.E., music and dance, arts and crafts, gardening and sensory-based learning. We celebrate all our pupils achievements each and every day and we all look forward to ‘The Pupil Of The Week’ on a weekly basis.