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Junior Room 4 - Mrs Tunney's Class

Welcome to Junior Room 4! We are a Key Stage 1 class. Currently we have 7 pupils, between the ages 8 and 9. We enjoy a thematic approach to learning. We find a sensory approach works well for Sensory stories, Music, play, Attention autism and more.

Each child has individual learning plans making sure their needs are met emotionally and academically. Targets are assigned alongside the Prerequisite Skills (Q Skills) and the NI Primary Curriculum Levels of Progression. We monitor and evaluate these targets regularly enabling us to further develop the pupil’s skills. To support teaching and learning the environment is well structured and a daily routine is followed. Visual strategies and other aids are used to provide means of communication.

We adopt a nurturing approach, making sure children’s learning is understood developmentally and that the classroom is a place where they feel happy and secure.