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Child Protection Ethos  


We in Willowbridge School have a responsibility for the safeguarding and child protection of the children in our care and we will carry out this duty by providing a caring, supportive and safe environment, where each child is valued for his or her unique talents and abilities, and in which all our young people can learn and develop to their full potential. All staff, teaching and non-teaching should be alert to the signs of possible abuse and should know the procedures to be followed. This Policy sets out guidance on the action, which is required where abuse or harm to a child is suspected and outlines referral procedures within our school.


Key Principles of Safeguarding and Child Protection

The general principles, which underpin our work, are those set out in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and are enshrined in the Children (Northern Ireland) Order 1995, “Co-Operating to Safeguard Children and Young People in Northern Ireland” (DHSSPSNI,2017), the Department of Education (Northern Ireland) guidance “Safeguarding and Child Protection in Schools”: (DENI Circular 2017/04) (updated Sept 19) and the Safeguarding Board for Northern Ireland Core Child Protection Policy and Procedures (2017).

The following principles form the basis of our Child Protection Policy.

  • the child or young person’s welfare is paramount
  • the voice of the child or young person should be heard
  • parents are supported to exercise parental responsibility and families helped stay together
  • partnership
  • prevention
  • responses should be proportionate to the circumstances
  • protection and
  • evidence based and informed decision making. 

The School Safeguarding Team


The following are members of the school’s Safeguarding Team

  • Chair of the Board of Governors: Mr Tom Palmer
  • Designated Governor for Child Protection: Mrs Rita Cooper
  • Acting Principal :Ms Bernadette Cornyn
  • Designated Teacher: Mrs Joanne Gray
  • Deputy Designated Teacher: Mrs Catherine Ratchford