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Mission Statement

At Willowbridge we recognise that each pupil is an individual and every pupil has the right to succeed. Through working as a team, we aim to help the pupils grow, develop and experience happiness and fun during their time in school.


Our School Ethos

"Welcome to Willowbridge where we provide a happy, safe, nurturing environment in which all children are encouraged to grow, learn, develop and succeed in all aspects of life. We aim to achieve this through strong partnerships and committed relationships between school, family and the wider community."


  • Maintain a warm and caring atmosphere where children can feel safe
  • Treat every child with dignity and respect
  • Have realistic but challenging expectations for our children so that are educated to the highest standard according to their ability
  • Provide a broad and balanced curriculum through an individualised and child-centred approach
  • Work closely with parents of the children at Willowbridge to ensure a deep understanding of each child and to plan for the future
  • Developing and maintaining close links with other schools and the local community for the mutual benefit of all
  • Further develop an environment where the achievements of our pupils and staff are valued and celebrated
  • Prepare our pupils for life beyond school and to promote independence